Dates: Friday June 5th, Saturday June 6th, Sunday June 7th
Deadline for all applications is May 23rd!!
Entry Fee: $270 per team plus guest cart $30.00

This year the Men's Member-Guest will be a match play event.  It will consist of 2 man teams better ball of partners with handicap playing 5 rounds of 9 holes.  Handicap must be given on entry form, handicaps will be used to flight teams.  Any USGA handicap is accepted, if partner has no designated handicap the average score of the player will be needed and we will designate the handicap.  Partner's Handicaps must be within 10 strokes of each other or the higher handicap is dropped.  The handicap will be played off the low man of the two, example player A is a 3 and player B is a 12.  Player A will get zero strokes and Player B will receive 9 strokes.  Flights will consist of 5-6 teams.  Players play the tees that their handicap is established from, teams can be mixed tees. Flights will be based off the low handicap and no one person can receive more than one stroke per hole for the match. The team with the most points after 27 holes win their flight. Each match will consist of a possible 4 points.  One point will be awarded for each segment of 3 holes in the 9 hole match with one point being awarded for overall holes won. 

*New* Friday round is no longer a practice scramble round it will be the first round of the five played over the weekend.  There will only be 18 holes played Saturday and Sunday.  This is a mandatory day to play points go to your over all score.  Book a tee time with your predetermined group between 12:00pm-6:00pm on Friday the 5th.  Teams will know well in advance who will be in their match.  Players have the option to play just the 9 holes they are designated to play (whether front 9 or back 9) or they can play all holes, where the opposite 9 holes of the designated can be played as a practice 9 if the group is looking to play 18 holes on friday.  Additional 9 hole cart fee if playing practice holes.

Saturdays will conitnue tournament play.  Coffee and snacks will be out in the morning before play.  All rounds are a separate shotgun start with the first starting at 8:00am.  The second shot gun will begin at 11:00am.  The dinner will be Saturday not Sunday this year following the second round starting at 3:00pm.

Sunday's round will again have coffee and snacks before play.  This day will only be 18 holes total with two 9 hole matches the first starting at 8:00am.  After completion the second will start at 11:00am.  When completed awards and lunch buffet will follow around 2:00pm-2:30pm.  Bulls eye game will commence during the Sunday play as usual. 

The purpose of this change it bring new life to the event.  Remember this is a fun event bring a guest to play our beautiful course and share what we have here at Corey Creek.